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A Japanese Maple tree with red leaves against a blue house wall
Trucks billboard sign with directional arrows at a parking lot
A lynx walking in snow on a riverbank in Yellowstone National Park
Basket with plants, grasses on coffee table at home
Plants growing on organic farm on sunny day
Watering plants, sprinkler system for a field of brussels sprouts plants growing on a farm
Bar with wine bottles and glasses at a French restaurant
Wooded hillside on glacier in Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest
A fireplace, hearth, fire lit, logs and flames at home
A field of sunflower plants with their heavy heads ripe with seed on sunny day
Empty highway with curving around corner near Mono Lakes
Overhead view of vegetables and crops growing on an organic farm near buildings
Large driftwood trunks piled on beach
Field of brussels sprout plants and corn stalks in a garden in autumn
Conserve our soil message on a roadside billboard
White rose and its reflection in the lacquered woodwork of a grand piano
Kale plants with crinkly leaves growing on organic farm
Kites, banners and streamers waving in the wind
View of vegetables growing on an organic farm
Water falling on rocky beach at Hug Point state park
Rows of small seedlings growing in furrows in soil, water hoses laid on ground at farm
Cannabis, Ritzville road sign
Abandoned home in a small town in North Dakota
Ovens, integrated appliances, fridge and rugs in kitchen
Kale plants with crinkly leaves growing near farm house on organic farm
Vegetables growing on an organic farm
Dried flowers in a vase on a shelf by a window
A boxcar train wagon and heap of discarded metal pins and track spikes on railroad depot
A heap of discarded metal pins, track spikes used on the railroad track
Stop sign at an intersection in a small town
Stop sign on pole at a road intersection
Large CAFE sign over rural farmland
A large cross on the exterior wall of a church in a small town
View across a stubble field and the long line of yellow boxcar wagons of a freight train on the horizon line
A yellow sign with red circle and arrow on roadside
A field of sunflower plants, their heavy heads ripe with seed on sunny day
A retro style gas station sign on red lettering road sign
Close up of black and white keys of piano
Basketball hoop, metal ring and netting in court
Wind streamers waving in the air during daylight
Colorful kites flying at a kite festival
A red metal historic antique fire alarm lever with written instruction
Mount Rainer behind Seattle skyline on winter dawn
Cannon Beach with waves breaking on rocky shoreline
Wide angle view of Puget Sound with mountain range at sunset
Boardwalk through grassland with mountains and American flag flying
Baguettes in wooden wall rack at French restaurant
Peppers growing on bush plants on organic farm