pocstock Top 50 - The Future of Black History

For pocstock’s inaugural Future of Black America Top 50, we wanted to go beyond the usual high-profile representatives of the culture. We recognize that diversity goes beyond race, so while all our honorees are Black, they represent diversity of age, profession, and level of public knowledge.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Some people we have the privilege of knowing , and some are avid champions of diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging. All of them we admire and believe represent the breadth of Black excellence across many industries. Thankfully, there were so many people to choose from; however, it proved difficult to narrow our list to fifty.


Stacey Abrams
Senator Raphael Warnock
Amanda Gorman
Mayor Brandon Scott
Rosalind G. Brewer
Gregory A. Adams
Ashley Allison
Telfar Clemens
Charlene Carruthers
James Rucker
Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison
Eric Adams
Jessica O. Matthews
Dr. Randal Pinkett
Rashida Jones
Trey Baker
Meredith Lilly
Terrence Clark
Shelly Bell
Derrick Johnson
Kimberly Bryant
Dr. Roger A. Mitchell
Michele Ghee
Matthew Cherry
Ciara May
Bryce Michael Wood
Chrissy Rutherford and Danielle Prescod
Gerren Keith Gaynor
Moikgantsi Kgama
Darian Hall
Abby Phillip
Ronald Skeete
Samira Nasr
Van Jones
Aisha Glover
Julian Frederick
Dee Marshall
Steve Jones
Neneh Diallo
Kyrie Irving
Laverne Cox
Larry Scott Blackmon
Jessamyn Stanley
Pastor Michael Todd
Danita Johnson
Alex Toussaint
Janeen Uzzell
Tyler Mitchell
Tabitha Brown
Charles Blow

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