Aaaand we have selected a winner!! Demetrysean Lewis

We held a photo contest in June in search of images that capture black fathers and their children. We received many great submissions and selected a winner of the $1,000 cash prize.  The campaign's goal is to show the world that black fathers are involved, loving, caring, and strong. The campaign is supported by some of our corporate partners including NBCUniversal, Major League Baseball, BCT Partners, Diverse & Engaged, and the always delicious Just Add Beer - Sauces & Marinades. 

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Photo © Demetrysean Lewis

About the Winner

Demetrysean Lewis is a devoted husband and father.  He took a self-portrait of  his 9-month-old daughter. His inspiration for the photo is his beautiful daughter. She is his little princess and he's raising her to be a queen. "She's my everything and I wanted to show the world that my love is unconditional and this is my first Father's day." - says Demetrysean

He shot the photo with a Sony a6500 with an 85mm lens, a Westcott FJ400 Strobe paired with a Glow EZ 34in Beauty dish. He also used the Westcott FJ400 strobe above their heads at his home studio.

You can follow him on Instagram at Dakonnectstudio_

About the #BlackDadChallenge 

It’s no secret that there are plenty of very popular statistics, stories, and stereotypes about black fathers in the media. While there are people who fit into any stereotype, its not the whole story. We’re looking to show the world the positive images of black fatherhood. The ones who are taking good care of their children. You know, the ones we see in our daily lives, but are rarely shown in the media. That's why we started the Black Dad Challenge.

POCSTOCK fully believes in diversity and inclusion, and is not intentionally excluding any other fathers of color. This contest is a part of a larger national campaign called #BlackDadChallenge and the selected images will become a part of that national conversation.